Sunday, 20 May 2012

Donegal climbers guide book

 And Sho, the forces of Gaia and Neptune were both in exceptionally good moods and a wee visit to Malinbeg and Skelpoonagh to take the last few remaining topo pictures for the forthcoming Rock Climbers guide to Donegal was the order of the day.
 Arrived first at Malinbeg as I was sure a wee sea passage or three would be required to get the best pictures. The sea was at it's lowest ebb of a spring tide which allowed easy barnacle hopping along the bases of the cliffs all the whilst taking lots of pictures. Alas the main wall proved to be a tad large to fit and so a brief swim was require to an outlaying skerry to get the best shot. On the return swim a moment of mild concern was had as a monster of a seal popped it's head out the water 6 foot from me and grinned. We shared a moment as Oscar from the clifftops began to bark at his mother in potential pearl. The seal barked back and I pondered " If he bites me, when was the last time he brushed his teeth?" And with a slink he was gone he did a quick swim by under me as I swim furiously to shore. Thus back on the clifftops and thoroughly chastised by Oscar we headed to Skelpoonagh.

Panoramic of Malinbeg's North crags

 Arrived at Skelpoonagh and began a swift scramble up and down the the access ramps and gullies to take the required pictures and raced back to the car as the first spittals of rain arrived.

Zawn 1 Skelpoonagh

  The work on the forthcoming Donegal rock climbers guide continues, though I have learnt from today that standing au naturel on a rocky island 50m off the Donegal coastline is perhaps not the best place to be working out how to take panoramic photo's on the camera. :-)


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