Tuesday, 18 September 2012

An End to the Donegal Summer?

 And so, are we at an end to the endless Donegal Summer sunshine? The north Atlantic drift's South West winds have arrived in abundance and the seas around the western coast of Donegal have taken to their autumn garb.
 It has been a most outstanding summer season with over 200 people being introduced to the vertical delights that only Donegal can offer.
 Cruit Island has become a tad busy over the summer as on two separate occasions there were over 30 people climbing around the island's crags and it has become common to meet other climbers, which, for Donegal is very uncommon! :-)

Rock Climbing in Donegal, Autumn Sea

Supervised Rock Climbing in Donegal

 The last few weeks have been extremely busy and as varied as the rest of the summer with many visits to Owey Island, Gola Island, An Port, Tory Island and off course, Cruit Island. 

Abseiling in Donegal

A Donegal View

 Ran a slightly damp Connemara based Mountain Leader training week and in glorious sunshine a Sligo based  Mountain Skills Assessment both courses were full and all the participants are currently working towards their next goals! :-)

 Steve McCann was duly returned to Gartan OEC to finish his FAS outdoor instructor course after spending a month with Unique Ascent, a most excellent gentleman to have at the other end of a rope.

FAS work placement

 Over 100 new routes have been added to the forthcoming Donegal Climbers Guidebook, with all photo topos completed and with many visits to the little known rock climbing locations in the county, it is finally nearing completion. 

Malin Beg Rock climbing, Donegal

Cruit Island Climbing

Cnoc an Affrain Climbing

 With over 2500 routes recorded on over 1000 A4 pages and 200+ photo topos covering the entire county it is nearly time to start the mammoth edit to get a suitably sized guide that does not require a wheelbarrow to carry it.

 Donegal Sea Stacks

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