Thursday, 28 March 2013

Donegal's Winter Mountains

 And Sho, a swift j-peg from noble brother Kevin McGee and a wee play on the North Face of Muckish was the order of the day.

Muckish Film

 Arrived at an unsociably early hour to catch the best of clear blue skies as cloud was forecast for the early PM.
 Nipped up to the base of Miners Gully, a classic grade I snow gully and success, it was complete and filled with the most pristine NĂ©ve it is possible to imagine. Climbed the first half of this 150m gully to a wee steepening and as the ground was not banked out it upped the grade to a full on grade II. The second half of the climb was above the true gully and the ground opens out to an outstanding and very,very steep finish above some very BIG air. :-)

Muckish Mountain Donegal

Muckish North Face

Winter Climbing in Ireland

 BUT it was once I was on the summit plateau that the true beauty of Donegal's winter mountains became apparent. Watch the shot clip at the top of this blog post, Winter Mountain's,  it just does not get any better! :-)

Derryveagh Winter Mountains

Muckish Mountain in Winter


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