Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Donegal Rock Climbers Guidebook 2013

 And Sho, after a bit of a technical struggle (for me) the Donegal Rock Climbers Guidebook 2013 is now on sale, it is a wee bit of an experiment in Ireland as this is the first rock climbers guidebook to be released in the form of an App. At present it is only available through Apple for the I-phone, but very shortly it will be ready for android users too.

A Wee Sample of the App

Home Screen

Donegal Map

 The amount of recorded rock climbing in Donegal is vast and would fill many books, this guide is a select guide to the county and covers all the best areas, islands, crags and routes.
 The App contains just over 1000 of the best rock climbs in Co Donegal and all the routes are featured as lines on photo topos. I've used a shade over 200+ photo topos and they were taken from the best angles to allow the user to best identify their chosen routes. To assist the first time visitor to each area and in the location of individual crags a series of crag topos were used where there is a group of crags in a specific small area. The crag topo's were taken from the best angle to get as many crags into one shot as possible.

Grade Chart

Sector Details

Crag Details

Google Earth

Crag Overview

Crag Topo

 The guide uses your phones in built GPS to allow the user to locate all the individual crags, islands, ferries, car parking, recommended camping spots and as much helpful information as I could think of as the entire guide is designed for the user/climber who has never before visited the county. 
 The actual crag topos are fully interactive and all routes are clickable links to highlight the line and display the route descriptions.

 In addition to the select guide I have produced a series of 21 definitive guides to the entire county, each is a sectional guide and is in PDF format. These definitive guides are all linked into the home pages of each chapter in the app and are available as free downloads from the Donegal On Line Guide.

 The most popular of these definitive PDF guide downloads are

 Cruit Island Guide   A 70 page guide to Cruit Island

 Gola Island Guide    A 44 page guide to Gola Island

 Donegal Sea Stack Guide   A 48 page guide to the sea stacks of Donegal.

 Malinbeg Guide    A 26 page guide to one of Donegal's original climbing areas.

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