Monday, 2 March 2015

Donegal Rock Climbing Guidebook 2015

update from 9th Feb 2015 Donegal Guidebook 2015

 And sho, following on from the above post and where we were at three weeks ago, there has been a change or three to the original cunning plan.

 The Donegal Rock Climbing Guidebook 2015 is now a 352 page select guide to the entire county and covers every uber classic route from Muckross Head to Malin Head. What has been done is to take the two volumes I edited over the winter and which weighed in at near 700 pages and dissect them into a single select guide. (for information on the two volumes see above link)
 This has been done and we are now at the getting my amateur Indesign bothering guide to a proper publisher for the transition to a book. Step forth Noble Brother Dave Flannagan and Three Rock Books, Dave is now on board for a wee bit (lot) of Indesign wisdom and has been signed by Mountaineering Ireland to get this guidebook to a printer friendly state. 
 This is a massive relief to my good self as I took the production of this project as far as I could and without the necessary further publishing skills I always knew a dead end was in sight.
 What Dave and myself are currently doing is sorting each chapter at a time. The routes, crags and content is all ready decided with the guide now having 5 distinct chapters (from South to North) and each chapter split into localised areas. This is off course, the fine tuning stage and it is this attention to detail that makes or breaks a guidebook. Below are a couple of screen shots from the five chapters and gives an idea of where we are are at present. :-)

The five chapters are: 

South Donegal


South West




Cnoc na Affrain

Tory Island


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  1. well done
    just a note that the link to the 'ends of the earth' crag brings one to muckross instead...!