Thursday, 1 March 2012

Mountain Skills Training Donegal

With a swift return from a rapidly thawing Scotland and straight on to a three day Mountain Skills course I was running from Gweedore. I had made a rather rash promise of glorious sunshine to the four troopers coming from Dublin for the course and as they drove the four hours in lashing rain from Dublin the night before the course my ears were defo burning. Another couple of troopers from Donegal who are preparing for their Mountain Skills and Mountain Leader Assessments also came along for a play and so we were seven.

 Day 1: A day of macro and micro navigation in glorious sunshine. As promised, HURRAH!
 Day 2: We had a mid day start as our cunning plan was a day into night walk navigating our way from features big and small in a horseshoe circuit from Thór. By 3pm we were wadding through blanket fog and by 6pm it was lashing horizontal rods from the South West. An excellent night nav was had with everyone leading technical legs in atmospheric conditions and by 9pm we were back at the car for a group hug. :-)
 Day 3: A day of consolidating what we had been doing over the course. Leaving the cars in glorious sunshine we headed into the hills and by 3pm we were once again navigating through a very warm pea souper.

 All in all, an excellent three days with a broad range of weather and testing mountain navigation conditions.

A slight difference of opinion? :-)

At the summit as the rain arrives.

Heading home into the gloom.

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