Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Cruit Island rock climbing guide

Cruit Island.

 In outstanding glorious sunshine in the last week, paid several visits to the Mecca of Donegal rock climbing, Cruit Island. There are currently over 300 recorded rock climbs on the island all on immaculate granite sea cliffs, all less than 5 minutes walk from the car. Alas after 3 years and climbing over 250 new routes on the island all the remaining unclimbed rock is getting a tad on the hard side. (for me)

Cruit Island

 Albatross Sea Wall

Green Gully

 Anyways I digress, went to Cruit with a view to adding more routes to the guide, alas gravity was the victory. So we went for a wee reclimb of as many of the previously climbed classics as possible and they are indeed all excellent! :-)
 A little known fact about Cruit and the other islands sitting off The Rosses is they sit in the Rain Shadow of the Derryveagh Mountains and as such they receive an incredible amount of dry sunny weather. (even of days when it is lashing on the mainland of Donegal) 

 Download the free climbers guide and have a wee visit, I guarantee it will be your first of many! 


  1. Iain,

    Thank you so much for this resource. I will be venturing up this summer for some climbing and I'm sure this will prove invaluable.


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