Monday, 2 April 2012

Irelands longest rock climb?

The Sturrall Ridge.

 Living equidistant from Glencolmcille village to the south and the Port road end is the mother of all ridges. The Sturrall Headland is an extremely inaccessible and foreboding place to visit. Access is by a steep scary scramble and a wee 300m sea passage deep into the realms of chaos. 
 The ridge it's self is approximately 800m long starting at the sea ward tip and travelling landward over the summit and along the ridge to where the headland joins the mainland. 
 This is the second of five monster ridges to be climbed in Donegal in the last few years, the first being The Realm of Damocles on Arainnmhor Island
 What these ridges provide are outstanding journeys into the great unknown in very special, committing and untraveled locations.   

Sturrall Ridge Film

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