Monday, 9 April 2012

Cruit Island invasion.

 After almost five weeks of rock splitting sunshine on the island of Cruit, a small army of climbers descended upon the island on Saturday and with them came the rain. The rain bearing army comprised of members of both  the Colmcille Climbers and the Irish Mountaineering Club.
 Saturday was the driest day with Albatross Zawn and the Outdoor Climbing wall being by far the most popular venues.

A busy Cruit Island.

 An early start was required on Sunday as the monsoon was forecast for noon, so for quick escape back to the cars, most climbers opted for the Far West Buttress. A morning of frantic climbing was had by all and at noon it began to pour and Cruit Island emptied of climbers.

A busy Far West Buttress

The crux of Cave Rave

 It was excellent to see Cruit Island rock getting climbed on and even better to see the free on-line guide being used. Any amendment or grade errors just let me know and I'll change the guide.

 Once the rain soaked army had left the island a wee walk at the spring low tide revealed a further three unclimbed cliffs and the potential for another 20+ routes! HURRAH :-)

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