Friday, 13 April 2012

Cruit Island: New Dawn Wall

 And Sho, the baking sunshine and mildly tetchy showers continue in Western Donegal. Taking advantage of the current spring low tides went for a couple of wee plays on the newly discovered New Dawn Wall.
 First up was the "FAS Collective," an excellent 2 pitch Severe skirting the mildly tetchy white water up the southern end of the crag and climbed as a team of seven in series, culmination in a never ending sea of smiles and grunts as the happy troopers pulled through the steep crux top out and bagged their first new route.
 Went back in quieter times and climbed a further four new two pitch routes with partner in crime noble sister Caoimhe Gleeson, who tends to impersonate a horse whist engaged in the act of climbing. The best route was the 2 pitch "Greedy Pig Groove" at VS 4c and a high grunt factor on the steep juggy crux.
 Five new two pitch routes and 7 stars between them, Cruit Island definitely is the gift that keeps on giving! :-)
 After a further wee walk about on the island tend to think the route tally will top 400 by the end of the year! :-)

New Dawn Wall

Greedy Pig Groove

Greedy Pig Crux

Pitch 1 "Racing The Waves."


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