Friday, 22 June 2012

Donegal at it's Finest!

Check out this film, it's the best yet!!

                                                           Playing in the midnight sun

 Noble brother Wolfgang Schuessler arrived in Donegal from Germany and we immediately departed to the great outdoors. A swift morning visit to Cruit Island for a wee play on a new crag and five new routes later, a call for something a bit spicier was made. It was the longest day and the sun was beaming down and so we headed to Arch Stack, a little known stack found just to the south of Maghery Village. We paddled out and climbed a new route to the summit on the sea ward face. Above is the film of the evening on Arch stack, which is a wee bit different from the stack's only other ascent.

                                                       The first Ascent of Arch Stack

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