Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Donegal Sunshine continues......

And Sho, another week of glorious sunshine beams down of the western freeboard of Donegal, would have been rude not to go out and play.
 Nipped up to Eglish for a wee nosey around the numerous crags, discovered another couple of potential new crags and a LOT of unclimbed rock.

Eglish in the sun

 Went for a wee look at a potentially unclimbed sea stack in the far south of the county. Alas strong eastern winds meant a sea passage would be a tad tetchy and so another day called.

The currently unclimbed?

 Sliver Strand in the sun.

  Whilst on Cruit one evening sorting out a few of the unclimbed lines as the sun set there was an eerie glow from the North. Gola island's Western sea cliffs were glowing orange in the last chinks of sunlight, and so a trip to Gola the next day was the only thing to do. In the picture below the clouds on the right of the picture clearly mark the edge of the Rosses rainshadow, the day the picture was taken inland Donegal was a wee bit damp. 

Cruit Island. South Face

 Caught the ferry to Gola for the next three days, in the company of 30 Scouts and a wee tent village. We had a good look round the Western edge of the island finding many lifetimes of unclimbed rock. 
 We decided to climb the 6 best sub Extreme routes on the island and they were all absolutely outstanding. Climbed a new route up a stepped groove on the left of the main face at an amiable Severe, the routes either side of the groove both weigh at E3 and access is at the low ebb of the spring tide it kind of gives the location and climbing a spooky feeling. 

Gola Island. tent village

Looking down "Pride of Gola."

A very tidal belay ledge.

Gola Island in the sun.



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